Love and respect till we meet again. 
March 3rd, 1986 - June 19th, 2021




Rizzy was a man you could rely on. Many people say that but if he said he was going to do something, you could consider it done. Distance, time, energy, you name it, there was no excuse. If he made an excuse and you called him out on it, he would acknowledge and figure out how to get things done. Rizzy would rearrange his whole day to help a person in-need.



Rizzy was the type of man who created energy. All he had to do was start speaking, laughing, or dancing and you had no choice but to follow. Anyone who knew Rizzy could tell you about his no filter presence. He was comfortable with how vibrant he was and everyone around him was forced to accept. He was a force.



Rizzy enjoyed his life. He was adventurous, he was down to try many things. He would go all in the first time. If he had to purchase all new gear he would. As his pops would say “Tyron had adrenaline, that boy.” The amount of joy and excitement he displayed was fun to watch. If you sat back and watched Rizzy enjoying an activity all you could do was smile. His way of being was infectious.



We as a riding club and family loved Rizzy. Anyone who spent an hour or two with Rizzy would love him as well. He was a man that earned respect and would continue to earn your respect with every encounter. The ripple flows wide to all the people who miss and love Rizzy. He was that corner stone that created stability for many. Our brother is missed everyday. It will be a challenge to move forward without you.